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 business opportunity to market empower software




This opportunity will suit a person involved in: complementary software sales, machinery sales or service, materials or component supplies, business consultancy or an ex factory manager or owner.

We wish to attract "great people" to work with us in marketing Empower Software in Australia - for which we will work hard at making our relationship long term and mutually rewarding.

Empower will provide you with sales training and sales tools. Where you request it Empower will also assist you to present or to sell to prospective clients you are working with.

When your clients purchase our software Empower will undertake all implementation, training and on going support.

Empower has six Industry leading Software Tools available to manufacturers – including;

We can link our Software to or from most other design and finance software.

The market for our systems is substantial in size including all manufacturers of;

  • Kitchens, Cabinets, Shop Fitters
  • Furniture of all forms - including solid timber, panel, steel, and commercial
  • Timber Joinery
  • Windows and Doors (aluminium, timber, pvc, steel)
  • Building Products including: Kitchen tops, Doors, Trusses and Frames, Stairs
  • Engineering of all form including:
    • Structural
    • Fabrication
    • Machining
    • Sheet metal
    • Machining
    • Job shopping
  • All forms of Manufacturing.

Our systems are tailored to and perfectly suit manufacturers of “custom - one off” products (where most jobs are quoted) and manufacturers of “standard” products in batches (where most products are repeat “builds” from price lists).

Empower currently has more than 100 manufacturing clients throughout Australia and New Zealand.

No up front fee is payable for this business opportunity.

Empower is regularly in Australia implementing our systems and supporting clients.

This is a ground floor opportunity to be involved in Empower Australia. Agencies will be limited per state.

I outline below a brief profile on Empower Software the company for your interest and both David and I would certainly like to speak to you about this opportunity. Should you wish to progress further ideally we would like to meet with you in Australia.

Please phone me for an initial discussion.

Sean O’Sullivan BCom (Hons) Otago University
Managing Director
Empower Software
02 8011 3281 NSW
+64 27 2284211 NZ



Background and profile of Empower Software:

  • We have developed our manufacturers time tracking and scheduling software products over the last 7 years

  • More than 40 manufacturers are involved in: kitchens, cabinets, shop fitting, furniture, timber windows and doors or timber joinery

  • More than 100 manufacturing clients who use Empower Software

  • Kitchen Manufacturers using our system include:
    • Capeview Building Products (Melbourne)
    • J and D Cabinets (Sydney)
    • Angelo Petrivich Cabinets (Perth)
    • Montage Kitchens and Joinery (Hamilton)
    • Barretts Joinery (Timaru)
    • Mr Shelf and Kitchens (Mt Maunganui)
    • RH Page (Auckland)
    • Wedgerwood Joinery (Invercargill)
    • Westec (Auckland)

  • Shop fitters using our system include:
    • Comace (Adelaide)
    • RH Page (Auckland)

  • Furniture Manufacturers using our system include:
    • Peppertree Furniture (Adelaide, SA)
    • Finewood Furniture (Auckland)
    • Mr Shelf (Mt Maunganui)
    • Woodlynn (Auckland)

  • Timber Window and Door makers using Empower include:
    • Capeview Building Products (Melbourne) (Aluminium)
    • Montage Kitchens and Joinery (Hamilton)
    • Total Timba (Auckland)
    • Barrets Joinery (Timaru)

  • Engineers using our system include:
    • Morellis Transport Trailers (Riverland, SA)
    • Hydestor Engineering (Auckland)
    • Lochiel Engineering and Trailers (Invercargill)
    • Mid West Engineering (Auckland)
    • Jonels Hydraulics (Auckland)

  • Productivity gains in staff output from all our clients that we know about range from 15 % to 160%.

  • Almost the entire aluminium joinery industry of 350 manufacturers throughout New Zealand use or now have access to PCs on the factory floor and time tracking software.

  • An aluminium window and door maker reduced factory staff from 24 down to 10.5 (saving $500,000 a year in wage costs alone) solely using PCs on the factory floor and time tracking software (whilst maintaining weekly output) (refer to testimonials section to read more).

  • Our package to our manufacturing clients includes all software, installation of software, training of your factory staff and management, training manuals. Manufacturing clients simply have to provide factory PCs and cables in your factory – which is approximately a $1,000 to $1,500 cost.

  • Training of clients factory staff and production management is quick and simple. We will train your factory staff in 30 minutes. We will train your production manager in 3 or 4 hours. Clients can be using our system and getting results within a week.

  • The investment cost of our system has remained low for 3 years now for up to 10 factory staff Empower is only $11,000.

  • At only a 20% gain in factory productivity our system will pay for itself fully in less than 3 months.

  • Empower Software is locally developed (Australia and New Zealand).

  • Empower is developed for small to medium sized manufacturers and developed for the following industries; joiners, furniture makers and engineers.

  • Our sole business is developing productivity software tools for manufacturers. This way our experience and expertise remains focused.

  • Empower is not an agent for someone else’s software. We invest heavily in new developments because we are building a valuable asset in our software for our clients and ourselves. Clients can phone myself and David Garrett the owners of Empower and ask for a development and we can say “that’s a great idea and that will also be of considerable use to many other clients – so no problem we will do that for you and we will have that to you next week – and there will be no charge for that”. I suggest manufacturers and marketers of software will not be able to have such a conversation and not be able to get such a response if you had purchased software from software companies based in Europe or the US.

  • Our main software solutions are Time Tracking Jobs and Staff and Job Scheduling. These core products will deliver substantial gains in the productivity from all your factory staff.

  • Brief Profile of Sean O’Sullivan
    • BCom(Hons) Otago University
    • Senior management assisting 150 manufacturing clients over 9 years.(prior to Empower Software)
    • Owner and Director of Empower Software assisting more than 100 manufacturing clients using Empower Software for 7 years

  • Brief Profile of David Garrett
    • BCom Otago University
    • Senior management for public companies managing 600 software and IT staff over 14 years
    • Owner and Director of Empower Software assisting more than 100 manufacturing clients using Empower Software for 7 years

  • Over and above our software products Sean and David provide on going “one on one” consulting and advice to all our manufacturing clients on any aspect to do with productivity and systems.

  • Empower Software is the result of 21 years of development (3 full time developers over 7 years). Time Tracking software alone comprises over 50,000 lines of code.

  • Empower is the largest time tracking and job scheduling software business in Australasia with more than 100 manufacturing clients.

  • Empower’s experience training and implementing with more than 100 manufacturing clients to date has been critical to our manufacturing clients’ success. Training and implementation of every new manufacturing client is carried out by David Garrett or Sean O’Sullivan (one of the owners of Empower Software). Training and on going support of marketers of Empower will be carried out by both David and Sean.

  • Each manufacturing client that uses Empower is a member of more than 100 strong association of manufacturers – all focused on improving tracking, reporting and systems to increase their productivity. The best ideas for improving Empower Software get developed with priority and released to every manufacturing client every quarter.

  • Our success in substantially increasing our clients’ productivity is well proven. Our clients’ gains in productivity range from 15% to 160%.

  • A 10% increase to your factory productivity can approximate a 32% increase to your annual profit.(Or, a 30% increase in your factory productivity can approximate a 100% gain in your annual profit). To confirm your potential increase in annual profit resulting from increasing your productivity refer to the attached article on the topic.

  • As a marketer of Empower Software the market potential in Australia and remuneration is significant and it will be personally rewarding for you working with manufacturing clients with good software making a real difference to improving their factory productivity and profitability


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