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Express Sheetmetals - We have had a 20 - 25% improvement in productivity from Empower...It was recommended to us and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, it's a wonderful tool. (Auckland)"

Peppertree Furniture - 45.25% increase in factory productivity using Empower for 10 weeks. 20 factory staff.(Adelaide)

Peppertree Furniture - 86% increase in factory productivity using Empower for 6 months. 20 factory staff.(Adelaide)

M.A.R.S Transport Equipment - Empower turned our factory productivity on its ear increasing it by an absolute minimum 30%, and turned my business around. 35 man engineering shop.(Riverland, SA)

Barrett Joinery - 30% increase in factory productivity. 18 factory staff.(Timaru)

Central Joinery Ltd - One of five of Aucklandís largest and most progressive cabinet makers

RH Page Shop Fitters - Large international shop fitter seriously committed to lean manufacturing and Empower Software. 30 factory staff.(Auckland)

Total Timba - 25% factory productivity increase and Empower Software worked from day 1. 8 factory staff. (Auckland)

Montage Kitchens - 17% increase in factory productivity in year 1. 20 man kitchen shop using Empower for 8 years now. (Hamilton)

Custom Colonial Kitchens - 9 man kitchen maker. The next step up from your flat bed router and absolutely no way I would be without Empower. (Mt Gambier, SA)

Vogue Kitchens - Significant increases in factory productivity at 2 weeks of Empower Software implementation. 9 factory staff.(New Plymouth)

Phoenix Aluminium Windows - 160% plus increase in factory productivity. 26 factory staff down to 10 factory staff and output increases. One of New Zealand's most productive and progressive aluminium window manufacturers.(Auckland)

Premier Furniture

Neo Design - Empower is hugely beneficial...I have no hesitation in recommending it. (Auckland)

Kitchens R Us and Mr Shelf
Used Empower Software for 5 years. 25 staff manufacturing Kitchens and Shelves with 3 retail outlets. Production has increased whilst at the same time we have reduced 2.5 to 3 factory staff, which is a $120,000 per year wage cost saving. Over 5 years we have saved a total of $600,000 in wage cost saving using Empower Software, the outlay for Empower 5 years ago was one payment of $13,750.

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