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  Time Tracking Jobs and Staff and Labour Management (Including Job Scheduling)




This system uses devices such as second hand computers or tablets on the factory floor so current factory production and productivity is reported live back to your production manager and other management. Factory staff see their listing of all jobs assigned to them. Factory staff also see the budgeted times for each job when they start each job and they see their actual times that they achieve when they finish each job. This drives substantial increases in individual staff productivity and factory productivity. Our current clients advise that their factory staff work to meet and beat the budgeted times. This system makes factory and management staff very aware of all time.

An easy to use, powerful report writer allows you to build and save your own custom built reports and easily export them to word or excel. In addition more than 80 prebuilt reports including the following:

  • Actual to Budgeted times on
    • Orders
    • Products and
    • Processes

  • Work in progress status of all jobs – not started, active, on hold and finished – with completion through actual to budgeted time

  • Factory staff productivity

  • Office staff involved in all forms of pre production (design, programming, project management etc)

  • Factory overhead jobs

  • Down time jobs

  • Unaccounted time (i.e. slippage and stolen time)

  • Forward workload by factory and by process – outlining current bottle necks

  • Reporting of individual staff performance, actual to budgeted time, for daily and weekly monitoring of staff and factory productivity

  • Individual staff performance reports on a series of productivity for performance and wage reviews

  • Job Costing (i.e. back costing) of labour – your highest and most variable cost – can be viewed by:
    • General management to ensure job profitability is being achieved and
    • Sales management to ensure costing and quoting is currently accurate

  • Individual factory staff bonus report based on individual productivity

  • Time and Attendance – hours for wages

  • Rework

  • Variations

  • Optional live time tracking of staff off site via cell phone texting. Recording live job start and job finished time.

Empower Time and Tracking and Labour management is an essential tool for production management wishing to maximise the output from each and all factory staff. The main goal of this system is to increase your staff and factory productivity by 30%+. Amongst our current clients that we know about the least increase in factory productivity achieved by implementing Empower Software is 15% which for the particular 20 staff factory which generates a $140,000 per year wage cost saving. Empower Software’s highest increase in factory productivity of all our clients is 160% which quadrupled the client’s profit. Our average client increase in factory productivity using Empower Software is approximately 30%.

Refer to productivity templates where you can use your figures from your last financial year’s Profit and Loss Statement to confirm that a 10% increase in your factory productivity can improve your annual profit by approximately 30%.

This system is quick and simple to implement and you can be using the system well in the first week. Full payback can be within 3 months.

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